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Conveyor Felt Roller

We can process industrial felt roller covers in different sizes and temp-resistant materials according to your needs.

Conveyor Endless Felt Belt

High-quality heat resistant felts are specially developed for the customers with high demands on the surface of aluminum profiles.

Calm - Top Industrial Felt Manufacturer in China

Mainly engaged in the industrial felt products with excellent heat resistance for the aluminum industry, including needle punched felt rollers, seamless conveyor felt belts, Nomex felt strips, spacer felt sleeves, felt-covered timing belt, and so on.

Heat-resistant felt roller cover can withstand tearing, delamination, scaling, deviation, elongation, deformation, aluminum pollution, and other defects. With a smooth surface, the product adopts advanced new technology and is more durable and cost-effective.


Our industrial felt products are especially suitable for producing high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surfaces.

Resistant to tearing, delamination, scaling, deviation, elongation, deformation, aluminum pollution, and other defects. The Industrial felt belt surface is smooth, with advanced new technology, more durable, and cost-effective. Especially suitable for producing high-quality aluminum products with an electrophoretic or polished surface.

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Spacer Sleeve

The industrial felt spacer bar sleeves are mainly used to cover aluminum profiles in the aging oven or iron rack. It can help to prevent scratches and maintain adequate ventilation.

Nomex Felt Strip

Mostly suitable for the aluminum profiles with the high-quality surface requirement, avoid caused by secondary operations and transit bumps or rub during production and shipping.


Calm high-quality industrial felt products are featured by high density, good abrasion resistance, excellent elasticity, moderate softness and smooth surface.
Efficient professional team
Calm has a number of advanced automatic CNC production lines and a variety of testing devices to ensure product quality and cost control, so that our products are more competitive in the market.
Talent development
Calm always focuses on the positive role of talents in building enterprises and strives to create a first-class employment environment.
Quality control 
To ensure that all the industrial felt products can perfectly meet the requirements, we conduct rigorous tests and inspections before delivery to our customers.

The ordinary roller conveyor is suitable for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, and pallets. And some loose or irregular materials, small pieces may be placed inside. In contrast, the roller conveyor for the industrial application can convey some bulky goods and bear a large impact load. It is usually simple in structure that consists mainly of the roller, frame, bracket, driving part, and so on. It is easy to use and maintain, features high reliability, large conveying capacity, fast speed, and light operation.



[Aluminum extrusion] Aluminum Profile Protection in Warehouse

As we all know, aluminum is a kind of material that is easy to maintain for high corrosion resistance. In general, daily care is enough to keep its glossy look. However, it is hard to avoid surface wear and water stains during the handling process. Both of them will greatly affect the finished effect of the profile. So how to prevent it? Let's read on to figure it out.



[Industrial felt products] Graphite or Industrial felt, which is better for aluminum extrusion?

Over the years, graphite parts have played an important role in the whole aluminum extrusion process. However, the birth of industrial felts has caused a great impact on its status. In fact, many people may not even know much about this new material. Well, this article will give you an overall comparison based on some key factors during extrusion.



[Heat resistant fibers] What is Kevlar?

In recent years, Kevlar has become well-known for being heat-resistance, lightweight, high strength, and other excellent features. It can not only apply in the military field but also in a variety of civilian sectors. But how did such new-tech material come out? Read on to find out what Kevlar is.Ab

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