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Efficient Professional Team
Calm always lays great emphasis on talents and strives to create a first-class work environment. With an excellent and efficient professional team, we have experience in the production of high-temperature felt for the aluminum industry. Thanks to our sound organizational structure, we can make rational use of existing resources, give full play to the creativity and potential of the stuff, making Calm forge ahead steadily.
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High Performance Materials


Calm has introduced 4 new-tech fibers (PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester) to produce industrial felt products. High-quality fiber provides excellent wear resistance with a clean and smooth surface, improving durability and the level of productivity. And thanks to modern manufacturing equipment, the price of our felt products is affordable and competitive. Calm has advantages both in quality and price, providing customers with high-class products while reducing operating costs.

Corporate Culture
Calm always puts quality in the first place, keeping in mind the enterprise spirit of “Forging ahead with Determination.” With advanced production equipment, exquisite technology, and strict testing methods, we can guarantee the good quality of our products.
Needling machine
Needling machine
Needling machine
High Standard Production
Production in our workshop is kept in order. Calm staff always make continuous improvements and keep conscientious and meticulous in their work. Mechanical manipulation, storage of production materials, and production operation are strictly controlled according to the scientific and efficient production management regulations, ensuring all the work steps conform to the requirements.
Production Technology
Calm possesses multiple advanced full automatic CNC production lines and various testing devices, ensuring product quality and cost control to make our products more competitive.
Each process of Calm is designed and produced by senior engineers. We have more production procedures than those of other enterprises in similar lines. All the qualified products are through strict test and inspection before going to the customers. 
Calm-brand conveyor seamless felt belts, high-temp felt rollers and felt pads series are specially designed for equipment manufacturers and aluminum manufacturers. Spacer sleeves for aging furnace, felt strips for protecting aluminum profile and packing rack are specially designed for aluminum manufacturers.
With “high-intensity,high-density,high-quality”products leading the market,holding the principle of “brand-bulit,service foremost”.We have been winning the accordant recognition and highly reliance from our overwhelming customers.

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