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  • How Much Do You Know About The Felt-covered Timing Belt?

    Felt covered timing belt is a high-performance conveyor part in aluminum extrusion. But what is the difference between it and the timing belt? Why is it able to withstand the high temperature after extrusion? The answers to these questions are in this article.

  • The Best Way to Protect Aluminum Extrusion That You May Not Know

    Aluminum profile has a wide range of applications for being versatile and low cost. As a remarkable material, both surface quality and appearance are very important. Thus, in some cases, it is necessary to take a surface treatment to protect the profile.

  • What is Polyester?

    Polyester is a man-made fiber derived from coal, air, water, and crude oil. It is one of the most popular materials in the world as the yield is growing steadily from year to year. As a result, it has been used in a variety of consumer goods as well as industrial applications.

  • What is Nomex?

    Nomex is a kind of Meta-Aramid, also known as Aramid 1313. Its stable structure delivers great heat resistance and high strength. Nomex needle punched products are mainly available in a variety of fields. Now, let's explore this new type of fiber more further.

  • Felt Belt: Importance And Application of Felt Belt

    The use of Felt belt cuts across different industries with limitless varieties. Besides, felt belt is produced using blending, pressing, and drying to manufacture a non-woven fiber that provides solutions to different challenging situations. The unique properties of the Felt belt make it the most flexible natural textiles currently in use in different industries.

  • Wide range of applications for the Industrial Felt

    Industrial felt usually consists of some composite fibers such as PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester. The needle machine punches the fiber over and over again, turning the loose carded felt into the felt layers. With the high performance of felt, it is desirable to apply where heatproof, durable, and tear-resistant are required. Now, let's take a look at the wide usages of it.

  • Stepping Up Your Productivity With Efficient Felt Belt Conveyors

    In a case whereby you have a factory or an industrial workshop that uses a lot of heavy materials. In that case, you will need some kinds of conveying system that can mechanically and efficiently transport products and goods with ease.

  • Galvanized Iron Roller Conveyor: The New And Efficient Conveyor System

    The roller conveyors are regularly used with traditional belt conveyors. When there a need for the parcel, packing or conveyance of light-weighted products and items to a weight of 20 kilograms, these conveyors are commonly used.

  • Why You Need Felt Roller Conveyor In Your Production Line

    In production plants, one of the most important things is to conveniently control and maintain high quality in all processes that are carried out. With the use of felt roller system, you could save a considerable amount of time, cost, and also be able to handle the materials efficiently.

  • Conditions For Choosing The Best Galvanized Iron Roller

    The galvanized iron roller is one of the main components that give easy, reliable, and convenient transportation of products. Large volumes of materials are easily handled due to the efficient and effective working principle of a quality roller in the system. Using a galvanized iron roller in the system facilitates the smooth operation of the conveyor system.

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