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  • Wide range of applications for the Industrial Felt

    Industrial felt usually consists of some composite fibers such as PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester. The needle machine punches the fiber over and over again, turning the loose carded felt into the felt layers. With the high performance of felt, it is desirable to apply where heatproof, durable, and tear-resistant are required. Now, let's take a look at the wide usages of it.

  • Stepping Up Your Productivity With Efficient Felt Belt Conveyors

    In a case whereby you have a factory or an industrial workshop that uses a lot of heavy materials. In that case, you will need some kinds of conveying system that can mechanically and efficiently transport products and goods with ease.

  • Galvanized Iron Roller Conveyor: The New And Efficient Conveyor System

    The roller conveyors are regularly used with traditional belt conveyors. When there a need for the parcel, packing or conveyance of light-weighted products and items to a weight of 20 kilograms, these conveyors are commonly used.

  • Why You Need Felt Roller Conveyor In Your Production Line

    In production plants, one of the most important things is to conveniently control and maintain high quality in all processes that are carried out. With the use of felt roller system, you could save a considerable amount of time, cost, and also be able to handle the materials efficiently.

  • Conditions For Choosing The Best Galvanized Iron Roller

    The galvanized iron roller is one of the main components that give easy, reliable, and convenient transportation of products. Large volumes of materials are easily handled due to the efficient and effective working principle of a quality roller in the system. Using a galvanized iron roller in the system facilitates the smooth operation of the conveyor system.

  • Key Facts About Galvanized Iron Roller

    A galvanized iron roller is not only suitable for many industrial uses, but it has proven to be better, stronger, and economical than most rollers. In addition to its resistance to corrosion, this roller is one of the best conveyors with high tensile strength and durability.
    Moreover, a galvanized iron roller makes work easy, faster, and reduces human contact during the transportation of heavy loads from one part of the industry to the other.

  • Conveyor Felt Belt: From Fiber To Fabric

    Felt is the oldest man-made material that is known, it existed before woven cloth and knit. The product can then be stretched to make varieties of items including belt which are then referred to as felt belt. Felt are used for various purposes in different industries since they are produced based on pressing, blending, and then drying. In this article, we discuss the advantages of using felt to manufacture felt belt.

  • How Does A Galvanized Iron Roller Conveyor Work

    In most industrial settings, the conveyor belts as well as the galvanized iron roller are some popular parts of industrial equipment that are very common to most people. Despite the popularity of these machine parts, only very few people really understand how these machine components work or even why they seem to be so important in various industrial applications.

  • What is a conveyor belt? Principles of operation

    The conveyors have a key role for the efficient transfer of all types of materials or goods within a production plant, an industrial warehouse or logistics company. What are conveyor belts and how do they work? Let's find the answer through this article.

  • When To Use Conveyor Felt Roller

    The specification of both belt and roller powered conveyors are based on different purposes in a particular conveyor system. Those purposes regularly boil down to the functionality and characteristics of loads. The belt and roller powered conveyors can be used in sorting, transportation, and accumulation applications.

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