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  • Overview of Conveyor Roller Covers

    While the large and extremely complex machines and equipment in the manufacturing industry are known as the major playmaker during a production process, other small but important components and parts such as the conveyor system also have a role to play in the overall success of the entire system.

  • What is Conveyor Felt Belt for Aluminium Products

    An aluminum profile conveyor belt is a kind of conveyor belt, which is a material handling system with industrial aluminum profile as a supporting structure. With the development of mechanical manufacturing, the motor chemical industry, and the metallurgical industry, the conveyor belt has gradually developed from the internal transport in the factory to the material handling in the enterprise, between enterprises and between cities. Become an integral part of industrial automation products.

  • PBO VS Kevlar

    PBO and Kevlar both have different ingredients, characteristics, advantages, and uses, making them excellent fibers widely used in many industries. This paper provides a detailed comparison of the introduction, properties, and application between these two materials.

  • What is aluminium extrusion?

    Aluminum extrusion molding applies strong pressure to the metal blank placed in the mold cavity (or extrusion barrel), forcing the metal blank to undergo directional plastic deformation and extruding from the die hole of the extrusion die to obtain the required section plastic processing method of part or semi-finished product with shape, size and certain mechanical properties.

  • How is the process of aluminum extrusion done?

    As we all know, the aluminum extrusion process is one of the most widespread techniques at present. However, many people may not have a full understanding of it. Don't worry. This article can help you to figure out.

  • What is extruded aluminum used for?

    Aluminum extrusion is a technique used to transform aluminum alloy into objects with a definitive cross-sectional profile for a wide range of uses. The extrusion process makes the most of aluminum’s unique combination of physical characteristics.

  • How does one find the maker of aluminum extrusions?

    Aluminum profiles can be used for a variety of purposes, such as door & window, vehicle structure, construction, etc. The greater the demand, the more competitive the industry becomes. For new buyers, it is difficult to tell how to select a good profile maker. And this article starts with five key factors to find the answer.

  • What is Kevlar?

    In recent years, Kevlar has become well-known for being heat-resistance, lightweight, high strength, and other excellent features. It can not only apply in the military field but also in a variety of civilian sectors. But how did such new-tech material come out? Read on to find out what Kevlar is.

  • Some Questions About Aluminum Extrusion

    The working principle of aluminum profile extruder is a physical deformation principle. It uses ancillary equipment such as electromagnetic heating furnaces or coil induction heating furnaces to heat the aluminum rods to about 450 ° C and then extrudes them with an extruder. The principle of the extruder is that the aluminum rods heated by the device in the extruder barrel are propelled at one end. The other end is the corresponding mold.

  • What is PBO?

    PBO is a high performance organic fiber with the best mechanical property. It is an ideal textile raw material for being light and soft. The industrial production of PBO began at the end of the last century in 1998. It attracted a lot of attention as soon as it appeared. It is called "21st-century super fiber" for its outstanding properties.

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