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Nomex Felt Strip


Nomex felt strip has excellent protective capacity for being hard-wearing, heat-resistant, and flameproof. With a maximum operating temperature of 280℃, it is suitable for almost all applications needing a buffer, even in aging furnaces. It helps to resist scratches and dents at every stage of the profile production process.


 To achieve complete coverage, please kindly provide the exact dimensions you need.


280℃ Two sides protection Nomex felt strip for packing iron rack.
Standard Size
20000mm (20 meters/roll)
6 8 10mm
Working temp
Consistent with the ageing oven process,fully meet the technical requirement
Improve the aluminum surface protection effectively
Reduce the scratch caused by the iron rack and profile transfer process.
Mostly suitable for
The aluminum profiles with the high quality surface requirement, avoid the loss in second operation’s and transit bumps or rub when order is in production.

  Resin hardening  Resin treatment is available on request. Resin-treated felt strip has greater abrasion resistance and longer lifespan. It can help to reduce the frequency and cost of replacement.  


  100% Nomex  Calm felt strip is free of contaminants such as dust, grease, oil, moisture. Smooth surface with no delamination or linting, and can be combined with a variety of adhesive materials to improve bonding power. 


  Versatility  Needle-punched technology turns Nomex layers into high-density Nomex felt strip, which is not easy to wear and deform. It also has high performance in sound absorption, cushion, anti-static, and insulation.


  Applications  Heat resistant Nomex felt strip is suitable for aging furnace, middle and low-temperature zones, run-out table, storage iron rack, forklift, and other areas where impact reduction is needed.



We can supply Nomex felt strip for the iron rack to protect the surface of the aluminum profile from bumps or rubbing.

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