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Timing Belt


Timing belt with felt is perfect for the cooling table of the heavy aluminum extrusion lines (more than 3000T). The belt teeth prevent slippage between the belt and the pulley, avoiding deviation even when transporting heavy loads of profiles.

Calm offers many types of timing belt such as T10 Belt-felt bonding, H12.7 Belt-Felt bonding, HTD14M Belt-PVC bonding, etc.



   Type: H12.7 / T10 / HTD14M / ...


   Composition: Heat resistant felt + PVC/PE timing belt


   Temperature resistance: 180℃/280℃/480℃/600℃


   Select PVC bonding or felt bonding for room temp.                     conveyor


   PVC seamless steel structure timing belt: bonding type               with felts
   PE seamless steel structure timing belt: PE+PE bonding             type
   The type, length, width, felt thickness can be customized 
         according to requirements

   Can not find the type you want?


  Versatility  Calm-brand timing belt can be designed for all conveying applications. 

As long as you provide the correct type, it can run on the existing pulley perfectly.


  High performance  Our timing belt is covered with heat-resistant felt, which can resist high-temperature, abrasion and flex. It also can reduce noise and absorb vibration during production.


  Easy to handle  Timing belt allows for quick and easy installation, adjustment and replacement, reducing the downtime conveyor system and increasing production capacity.


  Smooth operation  Timing belt can ensure running at a constant speed without skidding and deflecting. Keep high transmission efficiency to increase profitability.


 Solid bonding Felt-covered timing belt is firmly bonded due to unique adhesive technology. The belt and felt do not separate easily, which is more durable.

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