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What Is PBO?

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Poly-p-phenylene benzodioxol (PBO) fiber is the highest mechanical performance and heat resistance among the organic high-performance fibers! Its strength, modulus, heat resistance, flame resistance, impact resistance, friction resistance and dimensional stability are all excellent, and it is light and soft, making it an ideal textile raw material. The industrialized production of PBO began in 1998 at the end of the last century. Because of its excellent performance, it attracted great attention as it appeared, and it is called "21st century super fiber".

What Is PBO

PBO Felt Roller

The strength and modulus of PBO fibers are more than 1.8 times that of Kevlar fibers and the thermal decomposition temperature is as high as 650 ° C. The heat resistance is 100 ℃ higher than para-aramid and the limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 68, which is a non-combustible fiber. And its density is 1.54-1.56g / cm3, which is lighter than carbon fiber (carbon fiber density 1.80-1.87g / cm3). The strength is 5.8GPa (5.2GPa reported in Germany) and the modulus is 180GPa, which is the highest among the existing chemical fibers; it has excellent chemical resistance and is only soluble in a few acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid and polyphosphate.

The application of PBO fiber

The main characteristics of PBO fiber are good heat resistance, high strength and modulus, so it is widely used.

(1) The application of filaments can be used for:

  • reinforcing materials of rubber products such as tires, tapes (conveyor belts), rubber hoses;

  •  various reinforcing materials such as plastics and concrete; 

  • reinforcing components of ballistic missiles and composite materials; 

  • fiber optic cables Protective film for tensile members and optical cables; 

  • reinforcing fibers for various flexible cords such as heating wires and earphone cables; 

  • high tensile materials such as ropes and cables; 

  • heat-resistant filter materials for high-temperature filtration; 

  • protective equipment for missiles and bullets, bulletproof vests, Bulletproof helmets and high-performance sailing suits; 

  • sports equipment such as tennis, speedboats, rowing; advanced loudspeaker vibration plates, new communication materials; aerospace materials, etc.

(2) The application of chopped fibers and pulp, can be used for:

  •  reinforcing materials for friction materials and gaskets; 

  • various resins, plastics and other reinforcing materials.

(3) The application of yarns can be used for:

  • fire protection clothing; 

  • heat-resistant overalls used in the field of working with molten metal, such as furnace front work clothes, welding work clothes; 

  • cut-proof protective clothing, safety gloves and safety shoes; 

  • racing clothing;

  • rider clothing; 

(4) The application of short fibers, mainly used for:

  • heat-resistant buffer mats for aluminum extrusion processing; 

  • heat-resistant filter materials for high-temperature filtration; 

  • heat protection belts.

Development prospects of PBO fiber

In recent years, high-performance fiber composite reinforcement materials have been widely used in high-rise buildings, large bridges, marine engineering and other construction fields in developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan. The bearing capacity and seismic resistance of the structure. In addition, in terms of bridge construction, steel wire ropes cannot be used for long bridges due to their own weight. It is desirable to use light weight and high strength cables. Cables made of PBO fiber with high specific strength and good dimensional stability are best s Choice. 

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