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Galvanized Iron Roller

The galvanized iron roller plays a vital role in the conveyor system, allowing products to move quickly, easily, and smoothly. 

CALM offers premium felt roller as well as the galvanized iron roller, making aluminum profiles production more convenient.


What is the galvanized iron roller?


The galvanized iron roller is cylindrical and transfers products from one position to another by rotation. In the run-out table, all rollers are evenly spaced to ensure a steady movement of products.



About galvanization


Galvanization is a surface treatment technique for aesthetic and rust prevention. Simply put, that’s to coat a layer of zinc on the iron surface. 

The primary method is hot-dipped galvanizing, which has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion, and long service life.


galvanizedIronRoller_ico   Standard specification:

      Side Roller:Ø15×Ø50×100×180


galvanizedIronRoller_ico   Finished products conveyor roller:




galvanizedIronRoller_ico   Initial table conveyor roller(high temp):




galvanizedIronRoller_ico   15#  Mitrix supports(to hang the rollers)

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What are the features of the galvanized iron roller?

High tensile strength: 
The galvanized iron roller is an excellent conveyor tool with extremely high tensile strength. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty industrial use.
No corrosion & rust: 
The coating of molten zinc prevents the reaction between the iron and moisture. So the galvanized iron roller is free from corrosion and rust. 
The galvanized iron roller is not easy to wear and tear with high performance. It needn’t replace monthly, which reduces production costs.
The galvanized iron roller handles materials safely and accurately without delay. It can replace manual conveying and reduce labor costs.
High efficiency:
The galvanized iron roller rotates very quickly due to the motorized system. Evan heavy materials can be moved over long distances to save time.
A premium galvanized iron roller is economical and practical. It has a long lifespan and will work perfectly in the conveyor system for many years.



We can supply galvanized iron roller in the standard specification, including side roller, finished products conveyor roller, initial table conveyor roller, and Mitrix supports (to hang the rollers).

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