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CALM has been supplying conveyor roller covers to the aluminum extrusion industry for many years. Each conveyor roller sleeve is made-to-order based on customer needs to ensure the machine can run properly.


We offer a wide range of industrial felt materials to choose from. The four heat resistant felts - PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester - are available for different temperature zones during extrusion. Besides, resin treatment can be applied on request to improve durability.



SPECIFICATIONS                                                  Working Temp                                         

Inner diameter (ID): 41mm - 127mm                         PBO - 600℃

Thickness: 5mm - 14mm                                              Kevlar - 480℃

Length: Custom made                                                  Nomex - 280℃

                                                                                          Polyester - 180℃ 






               Conveyor Felt Roller

How the Industrial Felt Roller Cover Is Made


How to produce the PBO + Kevlar roller cover? The needle machine punches the PBO felt layer on the Kevlar roller cover base. And needles punch around the correct mould and make the precise size of the industrial felt roller.



It shows the production process of the polyester conveyor roller sleeve. The needles punch the raw material around the roller mould. Finally, the conveyor felt sleeve for aluminum extrusion is completed.



This is the manufacturing of PBO + Kevlar roller cover that can resist 600℃ for the aluminum extrusion industry. PBO fiber goes around the roller mould, and needles punch to form a conveyor roller cover.


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  PBO felt roller
                      Kevlar felt roller
                        Nomex felt roller
                      Polyester felt roller
  Type feltRoller_ico6
  Material PBO Kevlar Nomex Polyester
  Color Brown Yellow Beige White
  Inner diameter 41 43 44 45 49 50 51 60 61 62 63 76 77 80 81 82 90 95 100 101 102 114 115 120 127
  Length Custom made as customer's request
  Thickness 5mm - 14mm
  Working temperature 600℃ 480℃ 280℃ 180℃
  Mostly suitable for
before fly cut
(Ultra-high temp. Zone)
Effectively avoid scratch marks made by graphite

after fly cut & run out table
(High temp.zone)
the output table
after straightening machine
(Middle temp. zone)
finished saw table &
room-temperature area only
(Low temp. Zone)
  Packing way Packed with film and put in cartons
  Shipping way Express/Air/Ocean/Railway
  Lead time About one week
  OEM Yes
  Techniques Needle punched
  Additional Treated with resin, hard type treatment

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 Endless & Seamless: 
Each of our conveyor roller cover features no joints and seams. It has no weak points with highly uniform thickness.

 Accurate dimension: 
With the complete forming equipment, our heat resistant conveyor roller sleeve can install on existing conveyor system perfectly without any deviation.
Four industrial grade felts are available to meet customer needs, and we can process the industrial felt roller into pure or blend structure in a reasonable ratio.
  Smooth felt surface:
With the needle punched technique, the surface of conveyor felt sleeves is smooth with no woven pattern, providing better protection to aluminum profiles.
 100% pure felt: 
Advanced inspection equipment ensures the heat resistant felt cover has no residue of broken needles or hidden impurities. So it won’t leave any stains and dents on aluminum profiles.
 New-tech fiber: 
Compared to traditional material graphite, industrial felt roller features excellent heat resistance with a soft touch. It does not easily scratch or leaves marks on the surface of aluminum extrusions as graphite does.

 High strength: 
The high-quality conveyor roller sleeve has a thick fiber layer with high density. With a strength of 5.8 GPa and a modulus of 280 GPa, PBO fibers are the highest among the existing chemical fibers, far exceeding steel and carbon fibers.  
 Resin hardening:
Full resin or semi-resin treatments are available to improve the wear resistance and durability of the conveyor roller cover. It also prevents aluminum swarf or dirt from sticking to the felt, reducing damage to the surface of aluminum profiles.

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  • Q How many kinds of felt rollers do you offer?

    We have 4 heat resistant fibers to choose from - PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester. Also, according to your needs, we can produce a blend structure with two different felts in a workable way.
  • Q What is the function of felt roller sleeve?

    As we all know, the aluminum profile fresh from the extruder is soft and hot. Therefore, in order to protect the surface of the extrusion, the conveyor roller cover made of heat resistant felt is necessary.
  • Q What is the superiority of your conveyor felt tube?

    Traditional materials such as graphite have low buffering and easy to damage the profile surface with scratch marks. Ordinary felt roller is low strength and has poor resistance to high temperatures. And it's easy to get moldy inside, which leads to a short service life. In contrast, Calm heat resistant conveyor roller cover is more durable and efficient.
  • Q What is the blend structure of felt roller?

    Take PBO + Kevlar felt tube as an example. Our production standard is 3mm PBO layer + 7mm Kevlar layer. However, you can also customize the fiber layer with 4mm, 5mm, or any other thickness you want. The thicker the PBO layer, the more durable it is, but the more it costs. All depends on your budgets and needs.
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Why choose us

Fast Delivery Time


We can always finish the order about 3-7 days after receiving the payment. And we can send goods by courier/ocean/air/train as your demand.

Premium Materials


Four industrial felt materials are of high-quality with different heat resistances range from 180-600˚C for aluminum extrusion. These new-tech fibers are the primary material of conveyor roller cover / conveyor felt belt / spacer sleeves / felt pads / felt strip / heat resistant timing belt.

Clean & Smooth Surface


Calm-brand conveyor felt rollers are specially developed for customers with high requirements for the surface. Defects such as material dust, unevenness, scaling, and aluminum pollution are not present. Industrial felt products adopt advanced new technology, making them more durable and cost-effective with a smooth surface. Particularly suitable for producing high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surfaces.

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High quality, High density
High intensity
Optimal thermal 
insulation property
Wide selection for materials/products
Extremely smooth 
felt surface
Strict inspection procedure 
Professional use instruction
Competitive price
Good after-sale service



Each PBO conveyor roller cover is packed 

with shrink film and put in a carton.


Calm-brand Kevlar conveyor roller covers can withstand temperatures of up to 480℃.


Our industrial felt products are placed orderly 

in finished product warehouse.


Each finished Kevlar felt tube is shrink-wrapped and will be shipped in cartons.


Packing of Polyester felt tube sleeves

with 180℃ heat resistance.


A carton of Kevlar roller covers 
for conveyor system in aluminum extrusion.

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