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CALM adopts high-grade raw materials with innovative production technology to make the conveyor felt belt more durable. It is flame-resistant that can withstand instantaneous temperature up to 600℃. Our felt belt is particularly suitable for producing aluminum profiles with electrophoretic or polished surfaces.


The calm-brand seamless felt belt is available in a variety of fibers and dimensions. With strict quality management, it can perfectly match the temperature and size requirements of the handling table.



SPECIFICATIONS                                                       Working Temp

Width: 20cmm - 127mm                                              PBO - 600℃

Length: 1700mm - 11000mm                                     Kevlar - 480℃

Thickness: 8mm/10mm/12mm                                  Nomex - 280℃

                                                                                         Polyester - 180℃








          Conveyor Endless Felt Belt

  PBO felt belt
                 Kevlar felt belt
                 Nomex felt belt
               Polyester felt belt
  Type feltRoller_ico6
  Material PBO+Kevlar Kevlar Nomex Polyester
  Color Brown Yellow Beige White
  Width 20mm - 1500mm
  Length 1700mm - 11000mm
  Thickness 8mm / 10mm / 12mm
  Working temperature 600℃ 480℃ 280℃ 180℃
  Mostly suitable for before fly cut
(Ultra-high temp. Zone)
Effectively reduce traces caused by graphite
runout table & cooling table
(High temp. Zone)
after stretching conveyor only
(Middle Temp. Zone)

storage table, saw table, loading & unloading line
for anodizing and painting
(Room Temp. Zone)

  Packing way Packed with film and put in cartons
  Shipping way Express/Air/Ocean/Railway
  Lead time About one week
  OEM Yes
  Techniques Needle punched
  Additional Treated with resin, hard type treatment
Workers place Kevlar felt layers into the needle machine. The needle-punched technique press felt tighter under high tension. This finished product is Kevlar conveyor felt belt, which can resist 480℃ for aluminum extrusions.
This endless felt belt for conveyor system is made of Kevlar. Kevlar fiber is punched by the needle machine and runs around with the roller. Finally, an endless heat resistant felt belt for aluminum extrusion is completed.
Here to show you the manufacturing of Nomex conveyor felt belt, which has a temperature resistance of 280℃. Calm uses the seamless needle punch process to produce the fittest felt belt for your cooling table.

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 Smooth & soft: 
The surface of felt belt is homogeneous without raising and unevenness. It greatly protects the aluminum profiles from being scratching. 
 Endless & seamless: 
CALM conveyor felt belt features an endless design with no joints and seams. Unlikely to tear or broken, which can prolong lifespan and ensure safe use.
  High intensity: 
Each felt belt is punched by a needle machine many times under tension, making it stable and not easy to loosen, delaminate, or peel off.
 Resin hardening: 
Resin treatment effectively improves wear-resistance and durability. It also helps to avoid aluminum contamination sticking to the felt belt. 
 Handiness: 
Calm-brand felt belt is easy to install in the run-out table for being lightweight. It is also convenient for storage in case of replacement. 
 High energy absorption: 
Felt belts provide sound absorption and shock absorption. It can reduce running noise and vibration to optimize the factory environment.
 Continuous running: 
Calm heat resistant felt belt has low elongation - less than 1%. It can bear frequent rotating in operation without deformation or deviation to improve productivity. 

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01  For the sake of security, carry out the conveyor system repair and maintenance only when the felt belt is out of operation.


02 Only moderate tension can make a smooth delivery. Loose conveyor felt belt tend to slip and fall off the track, while excessive tension will cause jamming.  


03 Turn off the heat resistant conveyor felt belt as soon as the termination data signal is given. This issue should be taken into account to avoid unstable operation during aluminum extrusion.


04  Check the condition of reduction gear and motor by noise and vibration when starting up. Pay attention to the temperature of motor reducer, rollers and couplings, and whether the felt belt is steady during running.


05  Regular clean up the residual and lumps on the felt belt is necessary. Otherwise, there is a risk of scratching the felt and aluminum profiles. Remove the objects on the belt in time to prevent burying the motor and endangering the heat dissipation.



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We can always finish the order about 3-7 days after receiving the payment. And we can send goods by courier/ocean/air/train as your demand.

Materials Used


These four synthetic fibers with different functions are the main material of heat resistance conveyor felt tube / conveyor felt belt / spacer sleeves / felt pads / felt strip / timing belt, which can resist temperature at 180-600˚C for aluminum extrusion.



Calm-brand conveyor felt tubes are specially developed for the customers who have a high requirement for surface. Impossible to appear the material dust, unevenness, scaling, aluminum pollution, and other defects. With a smooth surface, the product adopts advanced new technology and is more durable and cost-effective. It is especially suitable for the production of high-quality aluminum products with an electrophoretic or polished surface.

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High quality, High density
High intensity
Optimal thermal 
insulation property
Wide selection for
Extremely smooth 
felt surface
Strict inspection procedure
Professional using indication
Competitive price
Good after-sale service


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