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Spacer sleeve functions to absorb impact and provide an excellent protection for aluminum profiles to keep a smooth surface. Besides, it helps to leave a gap for cooling and ventilation during handling and stacking. 

We use high-quality heat resistant materials to make the industrial felt spacer sleeve. It can be customized as needed and available in 5 different colors. 
SPECIFICATION                                                           Working Temp
Length: Custom made                                                   Nomex - 280°C 
Width: Custom made                                                     Polyester - 180°C
Density: 230g/㎡-1000g/㎡ 
Thickness: 1.3mm/1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/3.0mm 



                         Spacer Sleeve

CALM felt spacer sleeve


  Type: N-S 


  Thickness: 1.3mm / 1.6mm / 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm 


  Density: 230g/㎡-1000g/㎡ 


  Available industrial felt: Nomex - 280℃ 

                                                Polyester - 180℃ 


  Colors: Off-white - Nomex  

                   Pink / Yellow / Black / White - Polyester


  Please kindly provide the dimensions of the heat resistant felt spacer sleeve you need (length, width, height, thickness and industrial felt density, etc). 



Sewing process

After cutting the material to the right size, the workers will complete the final sewing process on the sewing machine with Nomex thread.

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  • Q What are the functions of the spacer sleeve?

    A 1) Reduce the number of damaged profiles in heat-treatment.
    2) Separate the profiles to cooling and ventilate after handling.
    3) Avoid surface scratches, dents or pollution of the profile during stacking, storage, and transportation.
    4) It also can be used as a spacer for other metals or alloys, not just aluminum.

  • Q What do the different colors mean?

    A 5 different colors are our thoughtful design to help you distinguish the operation temperature and finished products. Make sorting and delivery shipping easier and more convenient.
  • Q Can I use the spacer sleeve in the aging oven?

    Absolutely. Nomex off-white spacer sleeve has a maximum heat resistance of 280℃. It is much higher than the aging furnace temperature (around 200℃).
  • Q What are the features of Polyester spacer sleeves?

    Calm polyester spacer sleeve features with pink, yellow, black, and white, with a temperature resistance of 180℃. It’s an economical choice suitable for storage racks, forklifts, and other low temp zones.
  • Q Is there anything special about your spacer sleeve?

    Calm spacer bar cover has a certain thermal shrinkage as the temperature rises, which can better protect the aluminum profiles. Also, It is reusable to reduce production costs.
  • Q Is the spacer sleeve easy to broken?

    No. Calm-brand spacer sleeve adopts superior stitching with exquisite workmanship. It has smooth cutting and even surface without any fuzziness, giving an outstanding performance in all applications.
  • Q How to maintain the protective function of the spacer sleeve?

    The cushion effect of our spacer bar cover is better than ordinary knitted fabric. However, it decreases with increasing use, and regular replacement can ensure excellent cushioning.

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We can supply Nomex/Polyester spacer sleeves for the aluminum extrusion. Nomex can resist 280℃, which is suitable for the furnace. 
Polyester with 180℃ heat resistance is ideal for protecting the profile surface in the storage rack.

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