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Wide range of applications for the Industrial Felt

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Felt is made from fabric and it is made by matting, condensing and pressing thread. It can be sourced from materials like Natural fibers, animal fur, yarn or artificial wool and also petroleum based products like wood pulp, acrylic rayon or acrylonitrile.

Mixed fibers are very popular and they have distinguishing assets that makes it easy to be used for a different uses. 

Felt is resistant to fire and it reduces vibration and swallow sounds. It has the capacity to absorb water or other liquid in huge quantity without feeling wet. 

Let’s look at the wide of industries where the industrial felt is applied.

Baking Industry

It is used on both carrier baskets and conveyor belts for transporting bread since it is a natural and harmless material.


Felt has always been used to make all kinds of toys, from dolls and costumes to play mats.


Due to its ability to absorb impacts, it is ideal for any type of packaging.

Interior Design AND Decoration

Both its wool composition, as well as the variety of its own colors and the possibility of making custom colors, makes it an ideal material for making sofas, armchairs, shop windows, office dividers, curtains, wall upholstery, murals and many other decorative applications which adds to the interior décor.

Musical Instrumentation

Its main use is as a damping and anti-vibration element. This is as a result of its elasticity and its availability in a wide range of densities and thicknesses. Also for covers of musical instruments such as pianos.


In the automobile manufacturing process, it is a very versatile and useful material where it serves as both anti-vibration mounts and acoustic and thermal insulation.


Due to its easy handling and wide range of colors, it is an ideal material for all kinds of arts and crafts such as wallets, purses, letters, numbers, pendants, brooches, etc.


There are a large number of applications of felt as a machine element, and once machined in the form of gaskets, washers, greasers, seals, etc.

In the metallurgical industry, for example, felt is used in the process of creating and handling aluminum and steel as a lubricating, thermal insulating and protective element.


In the healthcare sector, it is used as a filler and support in prosthetics or orthopedic products, to increase patient comfort.


Its applications in construction elements are very wide due to their acoustic and thermal insulating qualities.


Due to its softness and flexibility, it serves as protection and reinforcement for both interior soles, insoles and shoes.


It is used as a component of riding saddles, in raw or tinted tones.

Glass Industry

Both in the packaging and in the packaging, the felt guarantees the protection of glass products, due to its ability to absorb impacts. It is also used in glass cutting and handling machines.


In the furniture industry, the most common applications are protection, cushioning and filling of furniture, as well as aesthetic material for making furniture such as sofas, armchairs or lamps.

Fluid Absorption

It serves as a retention / soak / absorption of liquids, in many cases oils, necessary in the machinery mechanism in the industry.

Industrial felt is a very versatile product and can be used in different industries for a wide range of purposes.

However, sourcing for industrial felt from a reputable manufacturer is the only way to have a seamless industrial application of your industrial felt. 

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