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What is Kevlar?

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In recent years, Kevlar has become well-known for being heat-resistance, lightweight, high strength, and other excellent features. It can not only apply in the military field but also in a variety of civilian sectors. But how did such new-tech material come out? Read on to find out what Kevlar is.

About Kevlar

In 1965, a DuPont chemist invented a new type of man-made fiber. Then DuPont developed this new material called Aramid 1414. And it started commercial use in 1972 and trademarked as Kevlar. The models are divided into K29, K49, K49AP, and so on.

Kevlar is easy to process and form with 5 times stronger than steel of the same quality. But its density is only one-fifth of steel (The density of Kevlar is 1.44g/cm³, while steel is 7.859g/cm³). It is also tough and hard-wearing, rigid but soft so that it can withstand great impact force.


What is Kevlar


1. Anti-static.

2. High strength, not easy to wear and tear.

3. No molten droplets and no toxic gas in case of fire.

4. Resistance to acid, alkali, and organic solvent erosion.

5. Heat resistance and flame retardancy, the limit oxygen index (LOI) are greater than 28.


But Kevlar also has two fatal drawbacks:

1) Degradation by UV light.

2) Hydrolysis. It is a gradual process that absorbs moisture from the air even when in a dry environment.

As a result, some aramid products are not suitable for long-term use under high UV rays and humidity, which greatly reduces service life.


Application area

When it comes to the most common usage of Kevlar, people may think of body armor, tanks, aircraft carriers, and armored vehicles. According to tests, the use of Kevlar instead of nylon and glass fiber gives at least twice the protective capacity under the same conditions. Usually, the bulletproof vest made Kevlar only weighs 2-3 kg. And it is much easy to wear than steel armor. In other word, it offers greater flexibility and wearing comfort to allow the wearer to move quickly and freely without much burden. 

But what you may not know is that Kevlar has become part of our daily lives. 



Kevlar fiber can enhance the safety, performance, and durability of automotive parts. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from shuttle buses, trucks and racing cars. Besides, It is not uncommon to find several key parts using Kevlar in airplanes, helicopters, ships, and even spacecraft.


Consumer goods

In general, you may not notice which everyday items are made of Kevlar. But as a matter of fact, it can be found almost everywhere. For example, many electronics products employ Kevlar as a composite material to reinforce the structure's strength. Believe it or not, even your cell phone may use this fiber on the back panel. This helps prevent damage to the phone from drops and better protect the properly running.



With the high-temperature resistance of 480°C, Kevlar is ideal for industrial usages, especially in aluminum extrusion. Kevlar felt roller and Kevlar felt belt are two crucial fittings for the conveyor in the production line. And Kevlar felt pad acts as a cushion in the runout table to provide better protection.


Increasingly, Kevlar is being used in protective clothing for construction workers, building workers, and others. Today, it is being woven into equipment such as boots and gloves, which can greatly help reduce injuries from cuts and scratches.

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